Terms & Conditions


Prices & Acceptance All orders are for prompt acceptance only by the company’s home office. In the event of an increase or decrease in company prices, the prices on any order or contract will be the one in effect at time of shipment.

Taxes Any sales, use, consumption or other tax applicable to the sale, purchase or use of the products is not included in the price shown on this order and shall be paid by the purchaser whenever due.

Terms Payment terms are net cash within 30 days from date of invoice. All orders are subject to the approval of our credit department.

Minimum Charge The minimum charge on any order will be $500.00 net, parcel post, freight or express charges will be added. A $50.00 service fee will be added to orders under $500.00 net unless otherwise agreed upon.

Shipments Shipments will be routed to incur the lowest available transportation charges. All premium rate shipping services, express (air or rail), air freight, etc. will be utilized when the customer so specifies. The necessary extra charges will be added to our invoice to cover those premium services. All shipments unless otherwise specified, are F.O.B. warehouses. Claims for all shortages, damage or non-delivery in transit shall be made by the consignee to the carrier. Request for proof of delivery must be submitted within 90 days from the date of shipment.

Freight Allowance Freight will be F.O.B. warehouses unless otherwise agreed upon.

Export Shipments Transportation charges on export shipments will be prepaid to any United States port of exit if said shipment complies with our standard of domestic condition for freight allowance.

Deliveries & Cancellations All orders are considered firm contracts. If we are unable to meet requested delivery requirements, and/or our expected dates of shipment, we shall not be liable for any claims for delays beyond our control, nor shall we accept cancellation or suspension unless mutually agreed upon in writing.

Packaging We do not add extra charges for standard packing required by transport companies for domestic or non-ocean shipments. Additional charges may be applied to cover the cost of extra packing, special engineering, servicing or other unusual elements, including overtime authorized by purchaser, which have not been contemplated.

Export Packaging Price on application.

Patents We will defend and hold harmless purchasers of our products against charges of infringement or apparatus claims of the United States Patents issued at the time the product is ordered, providing such changes are based exclusively on mechanical infringement by a product designed and manufactured by us. Before this responsibility shall arise, we must be notified in writing and tendered the right to defend, settle, or make any changes for the purpose of avoiding infringements. Under no circumstances will our liability exceed the purchase price of the product furnished by us.


Product Class Definition S – Products that are standard, normally inventoried and regularly manufactured.
N – Products that are non-standard, made to order and infrequently manufactured.

Types of Returns
Type A – Incorrect Shipments: products that are shipped and are not in conformance to your purchase order, may be returned for credit if the product is returned within 45 days of the incorrect shipment.
Type B – Improperly Ordered Product: Products that are shipped in accordance with a normal purchase order are your responsibility. A product that is ordered in error may be returned for credit with a replacement order of equal value within 45 days of the original order placement. After 45 days, a 15% restocking charge will apply freight charges remain your responsibility.
Type C – Quality or Failure Analysis: Please contact Promac Engineering if you believe there is a potential quality problem or premature failure/defect. An RGA will be initiated for return to our Engineering Department. Please note on the RGA the reason for rejection. In addition, please state if the product is to be returned after Promac analysis. Unless otherwise noted, the product will be scrapped 45 days after receipt.

Returned Goods Products may be returned under the following guidelines
• The product class is considered “S”.
• The product is undamaged and in resalable condition.
• An RGA will be issued after receipt of an offsetting order of equal value (Type “B” returns only).
• Product that requires inspection or reboxing will require a 15% restocking charge.
• Credit will not be issued for products damaged or not in resalable condition.
• Returns must reference the original purchase order.

Return Procedure
• To initiate the return of a product, please contact Promac International, Inc. at (440) 967-2040 or fax your request to
   (440) 967-2045. Products will not be accepted for return without prior authorization.
• For Type B returns: provide an offsetting order of equal value.
• Compare our credit to your debit and immediately advise us of any discrepancy.
• Please identify the RGA number on the outside of the shipping container.
• The product must be shipped prepaid to our main facility. (Vermilion, Ohio)

Cancellations Any order may be cancelled under the following guidelines
Product Class S – Cancellation charges of 15% will apply if the original order is over 45 days.
Product Class N – All orders are non-cancelable and non-returnable.